GrimePro Orange is a unique fast acting powerful hand cleansing formula that rapidly removes even the most stubborn ingrained oil, grease and grime. Containing no harsh hydrocarbon solvents, GrimePro Orange is caring for skin and kind to the environment.

GrimePro Orange contains carefully selected skin care ingredients with extract of glycerine to replenish the natural oils lost from the skin during washing. Micro polymer beads create a gentle scrubbing action for enhanced removal of grease and grime. A mild yet invigorating citrus orange fragrance provides for a pleasurable washing experience that leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. The creamy lotion is easy to rinse off using either hot or cold water and leaves no slimy residues.

GrimePro Orange is available in a range of convenient sizes to meet individual requirements. Significant cost savings can be realised over traditional dip-in solutions by using a pump pack or dispenser & cartridge system.

✔  Removes stubborn oil, grease & grime

✔  Kind to the skin & environment

  Replenishes natural oils

  Micro polymer beads for a gentle scrubbing action

  Fresh orange fragrance

  Easy to rinse off


Part No. TypeSizeCase Qty MSDS
GPROKITStarter Kit4 x 2.5 Litres & Dispenser1Download
GPROCARTCartridge2.5 Litres6Download
GPRO3LPump Pack3 Litres6Download
GPRO10LBucket10 Litres1Download